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Photo Business Software
Of course, you need Photoshop to be a photographer, but what else do you need to run your photography business? These are the best resources I use in my own business and highly recommend. - Lincoln
CRM, Mailing List, and More!
This one tool does so much for me. As a Client Relationship Manager (CRM) I track all shoots from the initial lead, to estimate, to pre-production, to delivery, and to getting paid. And because all the client information is there, it's easy to send out email campaigns, open conversations, and track conversions. I use it daily.

Here's a special link to use to sign up. Signing up through Photo Authentic helps support this website and keep it going.
Photo Industry Standard Estimates & Invoices
Early on in my career, I use to handwrite all my estimates in Microsoft Word. It was awful and I had math errors with my line items more times than I can count. When I found BlinkBid, I fell in love with it. It's easy to use, your bids look Pro, and it has rights and usage language built right in. This is the ONLY software I know of that is dedicated to photographers and videographers estimating needs.

Get BlinkBid here. (No commission for me. It's just too good not to share).
Intuit Quickbooks
Bookkeeping, Receive Payments, Pay Vendors
You got to know your numbers. And to do that, you need good bookkeeping software. I've been a QuickBooks user since 2004 and it's been invaluable to keep track of Profit & Loss, Cash Flow, and Accounts Payable. Plus it ties right into your bank for easy import of transactions. 

Click here to get Quickbooks for 50% off your trial period. 
Call Sheets for Stills and Film
Call Sheets are notoriously difficult to create and keep organized. A lot of information about your shoot has to be packed into a very small piece of paper. Any small change can cost hours of fixing and tweaking. SetHero solves this problem by making Call Sheets intuitive, useful, and super readable. Our clients love the Call Sheets we make from SetHero because it lets them know what's expected and if we're staying on schedule.

Click here to sign up for SetHero. This link gets me some free coffee for every 4 signups. I do love me some coffee :)
Photo Rental Houses
At some point or another, you'll need to rent some photo gear for a shoot. If you don't have a good local option, check out these businesses. I've used them all and highly recommend them. - Lincoln
There are a couple of online rental houses, but Lensrentals is my favorite. Their customer service is amazing and friendly. They actually called me once because I forgot to add extra batteries and wanted to see if I wanted to add them. It's like a $5 upsell, but it would have been a major problem to not have extra batteries. 

They also have a great program where you can buy anything you rent and take off your rental fees. If you're in the market for used gear, this is a great way to go.

Visit them here
Capture Integration
Based in Atlanta, GA, Capture Integration is THE place to rent medium format digital gear. If your shoot demands 100mp digital backs, you need a trusted rental house that has all the gear you need and backups. 

I especially like their ALPA Max system for shooting architecture. 

Check them out here:
This is relatively new, but a super cool idea. The platform allows you to rent gear from photographers and even post your own gear to rent out. It's a great way to generate extra income when you're not busy on a shoot.

Seems to be most useful in large market areas like New York, LA, Chicago, Miami, etc.

Check out
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