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Hi, I'm Lincoln 
4 years ago, I almost quit being a commercial photographer after hustling for 15 years to get regular well-paying work. Despite all my outward success, I struggled to support my family, pay taxes, and I was in massive debt.

Then, with the help of a business coach, I discovered how focusing on business skills rather than photography skills was the secret to finally making more than $100,000 a year in profit. Now I can support my family, pay my bills, and have a steady stream of work coming in. All without working an insane amount of hours.

By mastering the Four Systems of Business, I was able to double my revenue and grow my photography business into a million-dollar studio.

Now, I want to teach you how to do the same for your commercial photography business inside Photo Authentic - The world's first online community that helps you achieve a successful and profitable commercial photography business through 1-1 coaching, estimate consulting, portfolio editing, and online photo business courses.

I offer a clear path to becoming a successful commercial photographer by helping you make better decisions, tune-up your marketing, and increase your sales.

There are four ways that I can help you.

What do you need help with the most?
"A few years into my career as a commercial photographer, at a time when I was becoming disillusioned with some of the more popular, nationally touted marketing tools, Lincoln offered exceptional insight into how to go about growing new and maximizing existing business. He whipped me up an exceptional portfolio edit, too!" - Kieran Wagner
"Lincoln is like an iron fist in a soft glove - he'll give you the hard truths, but do it in a way that makes you feel motivated to keep pushing and growing your business. It's easy to move forward with confidence with such a supportive and honest person in your corner." - Mike Grippi
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