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You've worked so hard to become a great photographer.
But, do you feel stuck like something holding you back from having the career of your dreams?
  • Is not knowing how to run your business and market your photography preventing you from leveling up to a 6-figure business?
  • Are you unsure what your talent is worth because you don't know what others are charging or what is industry standard?
  • Do you see so many other photographers around you and feel you can't compete to get clients to hire you?
Don't worry. Help is here.

To become a successful commercial photographer, talent can only take you so far. You need to learn and master business skills like mindset, marketing, sales, and how to deliver a shoot professionally.

You know, the things they don't teach in photography classes.

Hi, I'm Lincoln Barbour and I can help you.
Photo Business Coach for Commercial Photographers
As a fellow photographer, I know exactly what you are going through because I went through all these things, too. I am a self-taught commercial photographer and it took me over a decade to learn how to fully support myself and my family with my photography talents.

Nowadays, I make over 6-figures a year in profit and only shoot 30 to 40 jobs a year. I've shot for dozens of brands such as Hilton, Rejuvenation, Hunter Douglas, and have been published in magazines like Dwell, Better Homes & Gardens, and Country Living. You can visit my commercial photography website to learn more about my work.

I am here to help you get to where I am fast because I know just what you need to do to grow your photography business.

The Billion Dollar Mission
With Photo Authentic, I'm on a mission to help 10,000 photographers learn the business skills they need to thrive and make a profit of $100,000 or more per year creating the work they love.

Are you ready?

"A few years into my career as a commercial photographer, at a time when I was becoming disillusioned with some of the more popular, nationally touted marketing tools, Lincoln offered exceptional insight into how to go about growing new and maximizing existing business. He whipped me up an exceptional portfolio edit, too!"
Kieran Wagner -

"Utilizing the strategies outlined in PA's Path to Pro, and working through some of my problems and questions with Lincoln in the one-to-one coaching has helped give me a clearer vision of what I need to be doing to improve my marketing, and sustain success. It's also great to have someone super successful in my field that I can bounce random questions off of and not feel like I'm bugging them."

Quentin Penn-Hollar -
Photo Authentic is For...
  • Photo Assistants and Digital Techs who are transitioning into a full-time Professional Commercial & Editorial Photographer
  • Commercial Photographers working for themselves or a studio
  • Photojournalists looking to expand into commercial photography
  • Anyone with expert skills in photography that wants to become a commercial photographer and shoot for brands, advertising agencies, businesses, non-profits, and magazines.
It's Not For...
  • Wedding Photographers
  • Event Photographers
  • Consumer Portrait Photographers (Families, Seniors, Pets, etc)
  • Anyone with shady business practices
  • Anyone who is not motivated to change their life for the better
How it Works
Step 1
Join Photo Authentic at the Emerging, Pro, or Elite Level.
Step 2
You'll be sent your login information and get immediate access to the Photo Authentic Member Area which includes Community Forum, Online Courses, Resource Library, and a Private 1-1 Chat with me, Lincoln Barbour, where we can diagnose what you need to grow your business.
Step 3
Become part of the Photo Authentic Community (The PAC) by introducing yourself on the Member Forum. Get support and advice from me and fellow commercial photographers. 

Plus, join The PAC twice monthly for a "Live with Lincoln" video call to get answers to any business question you have.
Step 4
Take action on your goals and grow your business to $150,000 or more in profits per year. As your photo business coach, I'll help you every step of the way.
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"Entering the commercial photo world as a young emerging photographer can be a scary experience. There is no one path to achieve a career in this field, but the most difficult part can be finding individuals to mentor and assure you that you're on the right path. Photo Authentic has given me a place to reach out to an experienced individual who provides applicable feedback for me as I progress through my career."

Aaron Wagoner -

"Lincoln is like an iron fist in a soft glove - he'll give you the hard truths, but do it in a way that makes you feel motivated to keep pushing and growing your business. It's easy to move forward with confidence with such a supportive and honest person in your corner."

Mike Grippi -
Become the Pro Photographer You Are Meant to Be
  • Learn how to market yourself to get clients that hire you to shoot work you love to do.
  • Gain confidence learning how to put together estimates and treatments for shoots of any size.
  • Learn the ins and outs of running a smooth and successful commercial photography business.
  • Be part of a tribe of like-minded photographers supporting each other by offering feedback and sharing knowledge.
You Don't Need to Go it Alone
Not becoming a member means you may miss out on critical information to your success. You might...
  • Leave money on the table by selling yourself short and not charging enough
  • Shoot jobs you don't like just to pay the bills
  • Waste money on advertising and marketing that doesn't help you get clients.
It's Time for You to Level Up
Go From...
  • Being disorganized on the business side
  • Feeling insecure about your work
  • Wondering when the next job is coming in
  • Unfocused on your goals
And Become...
  • An in-demand photographer
  • Driven and determined to succeed
  • Enjoying the work your create
  • Plenty of money in the bank
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