How often do you respond in the 1-1 Chat?
I typically respond in 24 hours or less.
How does the Annual Portfolio Edit work?
1. You send me your existing portfolio(s)

2. You send me up to 200 additional photos

3. I will then cull and edit your portfolio into something that shows your vision to your potential clients and get you work you want to do.

4. You will get a website edit into separate categories and a print/pdf portfolio edit ready for pagination.
What's in the Resource Library?
Lots of documents you need to run your business including terms & conditions, model & property releases, pricing sheet examples, sales scripts, estimate examples, marketing frameworks, digital asset management (DAM) guides, and copyright notices.
I need to make an estimate and/or treatment. Will you do it for me?
No, I do not make estimates or treatments for you, BUT I will review what you make and offer suggestions to your pricing, your scope, and/or how you present it.
What happens during a Strategy Session?
Together, we will work through a 6-step process to help you transform your photography business to meet your goals. We'll start with a diagnostic and then work through the 5 areas of your business: vision, marketing, sales, delivery, and admin.

Then, once a month, we will meet over Zoom and see what wins you had, what's challenging you, and what you need to do next.
Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership level?
Yes, you can change your membership at any time. However, if you decide to change your membership back, you will only be able to rejoin at the current pricing.
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