Hey Photographer,

If you've landed here, it tells me you are seeking answers. Answers to some of the biggest questions you have about being a professional photographer. Questions like...
  • I want to make a living as a photographer, but I don't know where to start
  • I'm not sure if I'm doing this right. How much should I charge? 
  • How do I market my photography to get new clients?
  • How do I put together an estimate and treatment for a large production shoot?
If you had any of these questions running around in your head, then you are in the right place and I can help you.

Welcome to Photo Authentic - The world's first online community that helps you grow a successful commercial photography business through education, coaching, estimate consulting, and portfolio editing.
Get Direct Access to Me Anytime
When I was starting out, I was fortunate enough to have an amazing mentor and a great support network of photographers through the ASMP. I learned the ins and outs of marketing, delivering jobs, and making your clients happy so they hire you over and over again.

Over the years, many photographers like you have come to me seeking advice and help with their estimates. I've always been open to this and happy to share the knowledge I gained many years ago. 

I firmly believe we in the photo industry are stronger if we work together rather than apart on our own. 

Now, I want to make myself available in ways I never could before. The community I've created at Photo Authentic is here to serve you and help you achieve the photography business of your dreams.

Solid Advice from a Photo Industry Veteran
It's well known that good business advice is hard to come by, especially for commercial photographers. There's a lot of mystery about:

- How the commercial photography industry works
- How to find clients
- How much to charge
- How to pull off a large production shoot

I want to fix this by answering all your questions with straightforward advice based on my 2 decades of hands-on experience in the photo industry. No matter if your shoots are $450 or $450,000, I can help you get the results you want from a business coach.

Here is a worrisome set of statistics
20% of photographers fail in their first year of business.

30% of photographers fail in their second year.

50% of photographers fail after five years in business.

Finally, 70% of photographers fail by their 10th year in business.
It doesn't have to be that way for you.

I have been in business for over 18 years and counting! I am happy to share with you why my business hasn't failed in all that time.

Plus, learning directly from a seasoned professional gives you a huge advantage over other photographers trying to do it on their own.
What You Get When You Join Photo Authentic
Instant Access to 1-1 Coaching
I will answer all the questions you have about the businesses of commercial photography through a private 1-1 discussion room. We will tackle your problems one at a time and come up with a clear action plan based on your goals.

I believe I can help you get on the right track in 2 to 4 months. After that time, you will start seeing an uptick in inquiries, bookings, higher-quality clients, and higher-paying jobs. I can also help you streamline your business so you can focus on the work you like to do while giving yourself more time for personal projects and free time.
Portfolio Review & Editing
After we establish your business goals, I will review your portfolio and help you edit your online and offline books that will get you the kind of work you want to shoot. 

Here's how it works:

1. You send me your existing portfolio(s)
2. You send me up to 200 additional photos
3. I will then cull and edit your portfolio into something that shows your vision to your potential clients and get you work you want to do.
4. You will get a website edit into separate categories and a print/pdf portfolio edit ready for pagination.
Estimate Reviews & Consulting
Once the inquires start coming in, I can help you build out your estimates so they look industry-standard, account for all production needs, and show you how to use the numbers as a negotiation strategy to land the job.

No matter if your job is for a small local client or multi-national advertising agency, I can help you create an estimate that gets jobs awarded!
My Library of Business Forms, Pricing Tools, Shoot Checklists, and Photoshoot Inquiry Sales Scripts
After 18 years of working as a professional photographer, I have developed a large library of photography business tools and information that you will have access to. 

Documents including model releases, property releases, terms and conditions, job inquiry questionnaires, and more.

Plus, I will share with you dozens of real estimates so you can learn how to create estimates that make sense and get you paid more.
Community Forum
I firmly believe that it's our best interest as photographers to join together and have a safe space to talk about business. Our Community Forum fills that need and is open to all active members.

Note: This is NOT a Facebook Group. This is a privately hosted members only forum and you do not need to tie it to any of your social media accounts.
Kieran Wagner
"A few years into my career as a commercial photographer, at a time when I was becoming disillusioned with some of the more popular, nationally touted marketing tools, Lincoln offered exceptional insight into how to go about growing new and maximizing existing business. He whipped me up an exceptional portfolio edit, too!"
Is Photo Authentic a Good Value?
I've looked at all the best online courses, coaching programs, estimating help, and portfolio editing services for commercial photographers and this is what it could cost to do them all together:
New York Institute of Photography
"Business for Photographers Course"
Commercial Photographer's Resources
"520pg Guide to Commercial Photography"
Portfolio Edit by Suzanne Sease
Wonderful Machine's Estimate Consultation
(3 hours per estimate)
8 Weeks of Private Business Coaching Sessions
It would cost you $3,343 to do all of these things individually plus you would have ongoing costs up to $450 for every estimate you needed help with.

If you join my membership, Photo Authentic, I will do all these things for you for only $1,599/year or $159/month!

So, for less than half the cost of all these other services, you can get the exact help you need to grow your commercial photography business.

Cool, huh?
This is For Real
How do I know I can help you? I'm living proof. I don't have any fancy tricks. I don't have a rep. I'm not famous. I have a very small social media following. The only award I've ever won was for 2nd place in a PDN Objects of Desire Photo Contest way back in 2011; it was for this picture of bacon. Who doesn't love bacon?

I don't have any of the vanity measures of success for a photographer, yet I've been making well over 6-figures a year profit for years now; even during the time of COVID-19.

I make enough to employ a full-time studio manager, support a family of 4, my wife gets to stay at home with our young kids, and outside of shoots I only "work" 20 hours a week or so.

Not only that, but I really enjoy the work I do and I have the best relationship with my clients. Here's just a few of the magazines I've been published in and brands I've worked with:

Guaranteed Results
If you join Photo Authentic and don't start seeing the results you want, you will receive a refund of your money 100% up to 30-days.

There is zero-risk to you.

I want my coaching and advice to be performance-based. If I can't get you a result, I don't want you to waste your money.
Is this of interest to you?

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